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Drywell Dose
Fluence Determination
Core Management
Dry Cask Storage
Drywell Dose Recent concerns have arisen regarding the dose received by workers in the drywell region during component inspections. Detailed dose rates can be computed for any region in and outside of the reactor.
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Fluence Determination Bounding calculations and inaccurate fluences can lead to higher operating costs and longer outages. Whether you're performing weld repairs, applying for a plant license extension, or doing component inspections, accurate fluences are crucial. Don't rely on approximations when you can get the answer.
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Core Management TransWare is ready to help with ECP calculations, power uprate analyses, core designs, core follow calculations, and anything else you need to plan for your plant's future.
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Dry Cask Storage Need help planning and executing your on-site spent fuel storage program? We can help. We have the experience to help you smoothly execute your campaign, with more than 2,300 bundles offloaded in casks so far.
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Founded in 1988, TransWare Enterprises develops application software and provides engineering services to the technical community.

Our expertise in the nuclear power and computer industries extends to the development and application of analytical and numerical methods to solve challenges in many critical areas, including:

With varied backgrounds in nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, and project management, TransWare assesses and meets the functional and larger-scale needs of our clients. TransWare has a NUPIC-approved QA program under which we can perform software quality assurance work in conformance with ISO 9001, 10CFR50 Appendix B, or your specific QA requirements.