TransWare has developed and supported more than 30 software codes and packages. We've been involved in every aspect of the code development process and have developed many of our own tools along the way, including our own Fortran 77 compiler and revision control system. We are capable of developing code for general computing platforms as well as for specialized devices. Contact us with your project needs to see how we can help. Some examples of our work are listed below. For more details on our codes and services, check our product and services briefs at the resource library.

Source Manager

Source_Manager is an industrial-strength version and revision control software program capable of meeting your strongest software quality assurance requirements. Source_Manager is based on mainframe technologies that have served and continue to service the software development community. Source_Manager expands the mainframe capabilities by providing user-convenient check-in / check-out features for text and binary data files.


TWE-Fortran is a native-mode FORTRAN 77 compiler for Intel-based UNIX operating systems, including Linux. TWE-Fortran is a complete implementation of the full ANSI Standard for the FORTRAN 77 programming language with popular extensions from the Fortran 90/95 language standard.

TWE-Fortran is designed and implemented by Fortran programmers to be a useful and productive tool for software development projects. As a result, TWE-Fortran provides fast compilation speeds with thorough syntax error checking to identify programming problems before they become run-time problems.

TWE-Fortran features a native run-time library which is not commonly found in other UNIX compilers. Using a native run-time library, TWE-Fortran supports a file I/O sub-system which includes file buffering capabilities for faster executions of I/O intensive programs. The run-time system also includes signal trapping and detailed traceback capabilities to quickly and efficiently identify source errors.