On July 10, 2015

IDOM Nuclear Services

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IDOM is an independent international Company that delivers professional integrated services in Engineering, Architecture and Consultancy. Since its beginnings in 1957, the company has attended over 12,000 clients, participating in over 30,000 projects across five continents.

IDOM Nuclear Services can offer nuclear sector oriented professional engineering services working both integrated with the client’s team on site and externally from the various IDOM offices applying our full spectrum of resources and capabilities of our technical areas.

The spectrum of activities of the business unit covers a wide range of projects, from minor component or subsystems analysis to major design projects for new facilities.

Sustainability and innovation are valued aspects of IDOM NS’ operations and, together with the knowledge acquired from our projects, we look forward to putting these aspects together to assist our clients on the path to a future with lower carbon emissions.

IDOM NS offers a committed international and multidisciplinary team dedicated to high level performance, ensuring that projects are planned and delivered efficiently. By combining international experience and multidisciplinary expertise, IDOM NS adopts a holistic approach to ensure the work is carried out to the client’s satisfaction. When required, our core team will receive support from other highly skilled and experienced individuals within the company to ensure that momentum is maintained.

The IDOM NS team is formed of around 200 people who manage the projects of IDOM NS complementing their knowledge and expertise with people from other IDOM Technical Areas working as a Task Force Team.

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