On March 11, 2015

RAMA Fluence Methodology Generically Approved for PWRs

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The RAMA Fluence Methodology reached another major milestone with a recent safety evaluation report (SER), which acknowledges that RAMA is “generically approved by the NRC for BWRs and PWRs” for the purpose of calculating RPV fluence in accordance with U.S. Regulatory Guide 1.190. RAMA has been repeatedly recognized as one of the greatest achievements of EPRI’s BWRVIP program and the approval of RAMA for supporting PWRs expands that technology to the entire U.S. fleet.

The RAMA Fluence Methodology is a true 3D deterministic transport methodology developed for EPRI by TransWare Enterprises Inc. Originally created to support water dose calculations in boiling water reactors (BWRs), it was later expanded to support fast and thermal fluence evaluations for BWRs, receiving two SER’s from the NRC for performing RPV and RPV internals fluence evaluations with a zero bias. Since its creation, more than 1,000 comparisons to plant dosimetry, activation samples, and industry benchmarks have been performed with RAMA producing an overall comparison-to-measurement ratio of just 1.01 +/- 0.07.

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