TransWare Enterprises is an industry leader in the development and application of advanced nuclear methods for solving today’s emerging nuclear fleet issues. Our team of engineers are experienced in all aspects of the fuel cycle, whether you’re designing a fresh core, assessing pressure vessel fluence, or preparing for the long term storage of spent fuel, we have a solution customized for you.


TransWare has been supporting the industry for nearly 30 years and has a vast array of tools and experience ready to be put to use to solve your challenges. TransWare is the developer of the world’s first true 3-D neutron/gamma transport methodology approved by the NRC for performing fast fluence evaluations for PWR and BWR vessels and BWR internals. Our used fuel services team has assisted more than 20 plant sites with the loading of over 8,000 fuel assemblies into more than 170 casks. Additionally, we are experts in the use of CaskLoader, RAMA, ORIGEN, MCNP, BWRVIA, and many other industry tools. We also have an array of other advanced methods developed in house which can be tailored to solve your plant’s specific problem. Some of our featured service offerings include the following areas:


Radiation Physics

Neutron and gamma transport, radiation shielding, equipment qualification, and dose evaluations using industry leading 3-D transport methods.


Used Fuel Services

Procedure writing, fuel characterization, database updates, and loading plans. From reactor to long term storage, we are here to help.


Nuclear Methods

Advanced methods for lattice physics, radiation transport, and medical applications, among others.


Nuclear Fuels

Fuel failure analyses, core design, and criticality evaluations. We can help your team achieve success.