Nuclear Fuel

The heart of any reactor is the nuclear fuel. As the primary source of neutron and gamma production, fuel is the primary driver for plant aging management issues. Small changes to core design and operating strategies can lead to drastic changes in component fluence levels while fuel failures can lead to costly downtime. TransWare’s fleet experience has brought us in contact with fuel from all of the vendors spanning nearly 40 years of designs.

Fuel is in our DNA. From the early stages of any development effort, we’ve always focused on the uniqueness that each fuel design plays in the reactor system. It’s what has allowed us to achieve such high levels of accuracy. Our transport methods discretely model each fuel assembly in the core, including each assembly’s unique isotopic characteristics. Our cask dose calculations rely on as-loaded cask designs for our analyses to properly account for the source and shielding effects of each assembly.

We have a variety of tools and expertise to bring this vast knowledge together to address your needs. Core design, fuel failure analyses, and bundle characterizations are just a few of the many ways we can provide support. Contact us today for more information regarding your unique needs.