On August 24, 2015

UWC ANS Conference

Greetings from TransWare! TransWare just returned from ANS’s very informative Utility Working Conference. The main takeaway is that the nuclear power fleet remains well poised for operation beyond 60 years. However, the current economic climate forces decommissioning discussions amongst plants. While decommissioning proves an undesirable outcome throughout the industry, TransWare’s expertise in used fuel storage, high radiation waste classification, and component segmentation planning ensures your success during your decommissioning efforts.


TransWare recognizes that major component replacement represents one of many operation limiting factors. O&M costs also impact various aging management plans in place at the plants and include regular activities like component inspections. TransWare provides a competitive advantage by allowing the plants an easier justification for lower/more accurate fluence values, which will allow the deferment or elimination of inspections. We also help extend the components useful life through similar calculations, justifying through reduced uncertainty and margin that the components last longer than other vendors’ predictions.


The conference heavily focused on concrete structures and identifying how radiation and temperature affect the concrete’s compositional structure and integrity. Since our methodology excels at solving problems that involve air cavities, where DORT models typically struggle, TransWare provides enhanced capabilities in this area. Have TransWare work for you; try the TransWare Advantage.

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