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"Good is not good enough, if it can be done better!"

Whether your goal is to maintain an existing reactor, decommission an old reactor, or design a new one, TransWare Enterprises Inc. has the tools and expertise to help you meet your goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. With varied backgrounds in mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, physics, and quality assurance, we will use our experience and expertise to deliver custom tailored solutions exceeding industry standards and expectations.

TransWare was the primary developer of the RAMA Fluence Methodology, the first true 3D particle transport code approved by the NRC for performing RPV fluence evaluations. It is also the only code to receive NRC approval for performing fluence evaluations on reactor internals. The methodology has been approved for all BWR and PWRs with a zero bias.

Our other primary focus is on the safe storage and management of used nuclear fuel. Whether in the spent fuel pool or in an ISFSI, our team will develop your optimized used fuel storage strategy. Having loaded over 10,000 fuel assemblies into 5 major cask designs, let us put our industry experience to work for you.

We are hiring!

We are currently looking for engineers with a bachelors degrees in nuclear engineering or mechanical engineering.
Please provide a resume and cover letter to Chief Operating Officer Kathy Jones. kathy.jones@transware.net